Do not let your IT system stand in the way of your business development

Business software and websites in the cloud

System Emprice is an information management software. You can store and retreieve data into a database. The software let you design both the front end and the backend. You can design forms where users can watch and edit information. In the back end you can design the database and create operations that can manipulate and do calculations of the information.

Emprice Business is a business software, ERP, has all the major modules that a company might use: accounting and budget, invoice, order, warehouse management, purchase and production planning system. Emprice Business is very adaptable, all modules can be modified and new modules can be created to fit what you want and need for your company.

Emprice Web is a CMS and can be used to create websites and home pages. Emprice Web could be used for building both simple and complex websites. Emprice Web is fully integrated with System Emprice and can therefore be used for more advanced web sites and webshops.

System Emprice allows you to build web apps that work both on your mobile and on your computer. Examples of simple apps are time reporting, laundry reservation, or other generous resources. For example, System Empirce has been used in the construction of Bowling Points and Statistics Management.

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